When I first started photographing weddings and families it looked a lot more like smiles, poses, and Junes than it does today. To me love looks more subtle and organic now. It's the dirty feet, sleepy eyes, familiar hands, and stolen glances that show the stories of love and family. It has no season; it's chaotic and beautiful; it's wild and free. It looks like the truth, it feels like home, it smells syrupy sweet, and it's unconditional.

That's what I seek to capture: your love story in all of its imperfection.

I photograph families at home and on location throughout the year. I love spending time with kids in their homes where I can capture who they are and what they love. The homestyle section of my portfolio features the casual, spontaneous, and intimate images I've captured while photographing families where they are most comfortable. This style was born of my love for capturing my own two children at home. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in learning more about the family sessions I offer.

For a glimpse of me and my little family, follow me on Instagram @liziluphoto.

For Portland-area weddings, please contact me directly via e-mail at so that we can find a time to get together and start planning.

If you are seeking more information about Marlowe & Ravel, my boutique destination wedding photography venture with Cathy Sunu, please visit

*This photo of me was taken by my four-year-old son when he was shooting his first roll of film. It breaks all of the rules of photography, but it couldn't be more beautiful to me.

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